Corporate Social Responsibility

As a business with strong roots in our community and working in education worldwide, Stephen Austin cares deeply about the impact of our business both locally and internationally.  We are committed to making a positive social, educational and environmental contribution wherever we have an opportunity.

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Our company works with our own personnel and the external supply chain, integrating responsible decision making, social responsibility and environmental controls into our day to day business activities. We achieve this integration by:
• Procuring raw materials from sustainable sources; utilising environmentally friendly consumables wherever possible.
• Training and motivating our staff to work in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.
• Disposing of company waste in a responsible manner; ensuring waste is recycled, reused or recovered wherever possible.
• Implementing and monitoring both waste and energy management and objectives.
• Complying with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations and maintaining our certification to the ISO 14001 Environmental best practice standard.

Supply chain

We factor sustainability and ethical best practices into our supply chain management through the following means:
• Pre-qualifying all our key suppliers, to ensure they are adhering to environmental and ethical best practices.
• Supplier risk assessments are conducted by our Compliance and Commercial Managers, who have a wealth of expertise in this field.
• Checking that suppliers have the relevant accreditations and adhere to the applicable regulations for their industry sector, e.g. all paper suppliers hold the FSC® chain of custody certification.


Ethical behaviour is integral to the Stephen Austin culture. We take great pride in the work that Stephen Austin does and the contribution it makes to our business sectors. At Stephen Austin, we provide our staff with training in ethical business practices. We are proud to hold certification to the international standard for Anti Bribery and Corruption ISO 37001: 2016. Please see our Business Assurance page for more information.

Charitable activities

Stephen Austin’s local charitable activities are driven by our team and cover range of fund-raising events throughout the year, including raffles, bake sales and sporting events.

Internationally, we focus on supporting education and health in Kenya, including:
• Education bursaries
• Girls education and empowerment
• School feeding programmes
• Community health education

All our projects align to the Sustainable Develop Goals, are based on a structured needs assessment and delivered with in-country partners. Please contact us for more information.


Our HR team implements the Company’s employment diversity policies and demonstrates Stephen Austin’s ongoing commitment to a fair recruitment process and employment practice.