OMR forms are often an essential component of a high-stakes examination and one that demands the same care and attention as the question papers themselves.

For over forty years, Stephen Austin has delivered specialist OMR form design, printing and distribution services to Ministries of Education, National Awarding Bodies, Professional Associations and Educational Institutions worldwide. Most recently, we have been selected as the recommended printing partner to customers of DRS Limited, a specialist UK-based OMR scanning and e-marking provider.

Our expert staff work closely with all our customers to deliver the optimum solution for their specific requirements – ensuring peace of mind from start to finish.

Design and printing

Stephen Austin operates from a fully equipped, secure facility designed to produce forms that maximise scanning accuracy and efficiency. We offer bespoke design and printing services for:

· Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) forms

· Optical Character Recognition (OCR) forms

· Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) forms

Our specially formulated inks and paper are equally at home in the UK and in some of the most extreme conditions imaginable, optimised to work in high heat or humidity.

Variable data

The addition of variable data to your OMR forms – such as candidate, school and subject information – can dramatically improve the examinations administration process in a number of key areas. Our experienced team will work with you to introduce this complex but high-impact change, improving the candidate experience, increasing scanning efficiency and reducing results processing time.


Centre packing and distribution

As well as adding variable data, OMR forms can be packed by school together with all stationery items required for the examination, including instruction sheets, declaration forms, return polybags and labels. Consolidating the examination stationery in this way improves product quality, simplifies the school experience, increases distribution efficiency and reduces forms processing time.  We can work with your team to introduce this significant improvement as a standalone project or as part of a wider review of how your exam materials are delivered to and from schools.


Digital ‘chain of custody’ for all examination materials

Errors in the despatch and receipt of examination materials can threaten exam security, compromise candidate experience and expose your organisation to significant reputational damage. Our specialist software can be deployed in your warehouse operations to register despatch and receipt of all examination materials, capturing a digital ‘chain of custody’ audit trail for every school. No more distribution errors and no more lost scripts.

Precision and quality guaranteed

Stephen Austin is certified to six internationally recognised ISO standards, including environmental, quality and information security. Our accredited production processes, supported by our own electronic centring software, ensure all forms are printed and packaged to the highest standards of quality and accuracy.

Our forms are compatible with all current scanning devices. In addition, QA testing software and DRS scanning hardware are integrated with our production processes to ensure quality standards are maintained throughout the production cycle.

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